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 Piazza del Plebiscito, Naples:
 restoration of the base of equestnan statues.
 Royal Palace, Naples:

 restoration, consolidatton and polishing ofcorridors and flooring in the Royal

 Church of Gesų Nuovo, Naples:

 partėal restoration of the flooring; restoratėon of the ampulla table in the so-called
 “Angels” Chapel;
 restoration of the handrail of the left balustrade in the Chapel of San Francesco de

 Archaeological Museum, Naples:

 display of 40 samples of antique marble from Campania.

 Montecassino Abbey, Frosinone:

 production of 2 tops for veneered console tables using polychrome marble and
 cardinal’s coat of arms inlaid with semi-precėous stones restoration and cleanėng of
 XVII century portals;
 removal of the wall altar in San Benedetto's Crypt and relocation in a central
 posėtion, productėon and installation of a bishop's chair to replace the wall altar;
 construction of new flooring applied over the previous floor with mosaic inscriptions
 in each of the four sides;
 reconstruction of a three - light window using XII century elements, mounting of the
 Rena;ssance coat of arms on the portai of Montecassino Abbey; restoration of the
 PAX entrance with the addition of a Renaissance - style frame in bardiglio marble;
 restoration and completion of all the inlaid pieces from the old Basilica destroyed
 by bombings during the Second World War, the pieces are now on display in a new
 museum section (Iocated in the Abbey Museum)


 Sanctuary of Pompeii, Pompeii

 production of 6 coats of arms ėnlaid with semi ­ precious stones and polychrome
 restoration and consolidation of an alabaster vase handle;
 production of a marbie base for the Bartolo Longo statue;